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Our team of nutrition and functional medicine practitioners have a wide range of treatments and therapies available to help eliminate or alleviate some of the most common conditions specifically affecting men.


A lot of the time with men's health issues, we see hormone imbalances which can affect energy, fertility, endurance, libido, moods, and erectile function. Although hormonal imbalances in men are less obvious and can go unaddressed in comparison to women health concerns, its progression can lead to chronic disease if left untreated. We can also help with many other health concerns that may be specific to them.  For example, we can help with hair loss, psoriasisdiabetesback pain, acne, back pain, eczema and hypertension.

As part of the consultation, a thorough investigation into your hormonal health through gold-standard laboratory testing can detect slight and overt hormone imbalances. This approach allows targeted treatment to correct hormonal imbalances before they can progress to more serious chronic disease. If you have been diagnosed with a male-specific condition, we can offer non-invasive treatments based on nutrition, lifestyle and some key targeted supplements to help restore organ-gland function and optimize hormone levels.


During ageing, there are potential prostate issues that can develop that may affect daily functioning. Benign enlargement and inflammation of the prostate, or prostatitis, may develop that can be uncomfortable or painful. Prostate cancer is a more serious disease that can also present. 



Your dedicated practitioner will assess your overall health, diet and lifestyle along with any symptoms that may be the result of hormone imbalances. Initially, nutrition and lifestyle modifications will be recommended that will lead to improvements in energy, strength, moods, sleep, virility and endurance. Testing can be done through various saliva and urine, tests, which will better understand which of your hormones are suboptimal, and to what degree.

Based on the understanding of which hormone levels need normalizing, your practitioner may recommend targeted nutrients, supplements, and diet to help your body re-balance hormone levels naturally.

How We Can Support You

Increase Testosterone Levels

✓ Improve Circulation For Erectile Dysfunction

✓ Improve Libido

✓ Improve all aspects of male factor infertility

✓ Increase the success rate of fertility treatments

✓ Relieve symptoms of benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH)

Get Support & Results from Working Together



Once you reach to us, the team will guide you through the collaborative process with a practitioner, We will gather the information we need to understand you better and help you with your next steps to regain your health,



We will look to make real progress by implementing a bespoke treatment plan to work towards your health goals, adjusting the plan as your health changes. We analyse, assess and test we can pinpoint and focus on what needs to be addressed to improve your overall health.



You get a dedicated healthcare team that's just as invested as you are at getting the results you desire. Based on your unique individual profile and using the science of gold-standard testing, we will draw upon a wide range of tools to help you on your health journey. Combining this scientific approach with our expertise in nutrition and functional medicine is what makes our service unqiue.

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